The cycle consists of 30 hours of learning and contains five days of practical classes, 6 hours each.

It contains 5 topics: Management of theNon-C patient with: Non-compensated Diabetes Mellitus, Complications of Diabetes Melletus, Goitre syndrome, Arterial Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome.

Occupational diseases consists of 45 hours of learning: 6 hours of lectures, 14 hours of practical classes, 25 hours of self-education.

Endocrinology course consists of 60 hours of learning: 10 hours of lectures, 30 hours of practical classes, and 20 hours of self-education.

It contains topics of General Endocrinology and three content modules: Diabetology; Thyroidology; Endocrine disorders of Adrenal and Sex Glands and Hypothalamic-Pituituary Disorders.

Clinical Immunology and Allergy consists of 60 hours of learning: 4 hours of lectures, 26 hours of practical classes, 30 hours of self-education.

It contains five content modules: Basic Immunology, Laboratory Immunology, Age-related Immunology, Allergy, Immune disorders.